Donna Kirkland

From a platform of over 30 years as owner of multiple businesses, Donna brings a wealth of experience to the field of Real Estate. Recognised for her deep level of business integrity, honesty and personal attention to detail, she has already established herself as a highly successful sales person. Adept in marketing and negotiating, with a confidence and tenacity that is balanced by her compassion and patience.

Donna plays an active role in her community bringing her close to the people, a vital key to success in this industry. Her networking promotes up to speed information on current market trends and forecasts.

Years of experience in property portfolio compliment a natural talent and dedication to producing exceptional results for her clients.

Uncompromising customer service and tireless follow up supported by wonderful communication skills, ensures Donna as a secure investment for all of your property requirements.

Added advantage in understanding the needs of her clients derives from the cross-generational involvements that come from being a mother of six and grandparent of eight allowing her to navigates personalities with the ease of familiarity. Diverse international travel also providing Donna the ability to accommodate multicultural relations with confidence.

Personality, Presentation and Professionalism is what you will receive when you partner with Donna Kirkland.